YouTube, which has received an unwanted level of advertising revenue in the last 3 months, has announced a new ad feature that interests both viewers and advertisers. The company announced that it will set a weekly viewing limit on ads.

YouTube , where hundreds of millions of people spend time every day , has made new changes in its advertising policy that closely concern both content producers and viewers.  The company brought a new solution to the ad frequency issue, which users often complain about , in its YouTube Brandcast presentation in New York .

YouTube announced that they brought a new limit to the frequency of advertisements in the presentation, which was attended by YouTube’s most popular content producers such as MrBeast . With this limit, YouTube advertisers through Google Ads will be able to determine how often their ads will be shown to viewers, with weekly limits.

New solution that increases viewers’ interest in the ad:

The new limitation feature for ads was tested with the Discovery+ platform before it was announced by YouTube. According to the statement, imposing a weekly view frequency limit on the ads almost doubled the awareness of the viewers to the ad .

YouTube shared data showing that there was a major slowdown in ad sales in the first three months of 2022. The company’s advertising revenue fell short of expectations . The new advertising strategy was the solution YouTube chose to increase this revenue.

So how will this change affect us viewers?

YouTube did not clearly explain how this policy change will affect the audience. However, to make a deduction from the current situation , the problem of seeing the same ad at the beginning of each video can be eliminated with this solution created for advertisers. In this way, we, as viewers, will be freed from seeing the same advertisement, and advertisers will be able to further increase the interest in their advertisements that we are not interested in because we see them all the time.

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