Scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) announced that wood can be produced in the laboratory. It was stated that this material could be used to make eco-friendly houses and furniture in the future.

Things like climate changes, high carbon footprint, deforestation continue to seriously threaten the future of our planet and living species. For this reason, scientists are trying to take steps for a more sustainable future.

As we all know, deforestation , which causes the destruction of the world’s lungs, is a problem that is getting worse day by day. It is stated that humans destroy up to ten million hectares of forest land each year. Using trees for our own benefit causes damage to these areas, which are of great importance to our planet. Scientists conducting research on this subject announced that there may be a method that can help our fight against deforestation.

It may be possible to produce wood in the laboratory

Growing products in a laboratory environment is a topic that has been on the agenda for a long time. As is known, artificial meat is expected to become widespread in the coming years to protect animals. Now, scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) stated that wood can be produced in a laboratory environment .

Experts, in their statements, said that a wood-like material can be produced in the laboratory, which is used to build environmentally friendly houses that do not harm trees; He also stated that it can even be used to produce sustainable furniture .

Although the researchers state that they have not yet fully figured out how this type of wood can be grown in a laboratory environment, they state that they have taken important steps on the subject. Accordingly, experts state that this is possible by using cells in the young leaves of a flower called Zinnia elegans (dirty lady), some nutrients and two hormones.

Can reduce energy consumption and waste

In addition, it is stated that the material may be more useful than traditional wood. According to the descriptions of this product; It may be possible to change its hardness and density through chemicals and to shape it into any shape with 3D bioprinting techniques . Ashley Beckwith, one of the researchers, also stated that this material can be grown according to needs; he says this can reduce the amount of energy and waste .

Beckwith finally said that this kind of research and forests are very important for our future, adding: “ Trees and forests are a great tool to help us manage climate change. Therefore, being careful strategic about these resources is a forward-looking societal imperative .”

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