TikTok has announced the ‘TikTok Pulse’ feature, the first ad product that will encourage content producers to both make better videos and earn more money.

With the changing and developing technology, many of us have become dependent on our phones and social media. Or at least we like to hang out. On platforms like TikTok and Instagram, it is often quite fun to scroll down and enter an endless loop of   entertaining videos .

Some of them can earn very high numbers  by promoting products in these videos we watch . TikTok also introduced a new ad product, announcing the feature that anyone with a content producer and 1000 followers will make money from ads. Announcing that they will switch to a similar strategy to their YouTube content, the company plans to increase the amount of content producers earn. 

Brands can advertise ‘best videos’ specific to them

A new feature called ‘TikTok Pulse’ was mentioned in a blog post published by TikTok the other day. In the article, it was mentioned that the ‘best videos’ shot on TikTok will be allowed to appear next to the ads. In other words, the advertisements of the brands published on the platforms will in a way make our advertisements as well.

So, how will this affect the revenues of the creators? Namely; If the videos of the content producers are among the best videos, a part of the revenues of the ad that they are published with will be transferred to the content producers. TikTok has officially announced that the feature has been put into use with its announcement today. The feature was planned to be available first in the United States, and then spread across the world. For this reason, even if the feature is not active for you yet, it will be active soon.

So how can you take advantage of the feature? 

First of all, as we mentioned before; your videos must be in the ‘4%’ category among the best videos on the platform. However, there are some conditions for this as well. Those with at least 1000 followers are eligible to participate in the ‘Branded Quest’ and can earn income if their videos rank appropriately.

However, only users with 100,000 or more followers are eligible to participate in the first phase of the program called ‘TikTok Pulse’. For now, it seems that users with 1000 followers will have to wait a little longer.

With this new feature, TikTok can significantly increase the number of content producers. We can say that it is a very encouraging feature for people who want to produce content . But there aren’t many details about how the feature works and how it will generate revenues. If there are details about the subject in the coming days, we will be sharing them with you again.

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