As dogs get used to living with humans in city life, they have developed some behaviors that seem strange to us, one of which is “peeing on a car tire”. So what could be the reason for this?

Some of the seemingly meaningless movements of dogs are actually based on evolutionary reasons. They also have a family life and they want to protect their territory under the influence of this instinct.

They usually leave urine on certain points such as trees and car tires. Thus, they set their own boundaries. So why do they prefer car tires especially when there are so many options?

These preferences have nothing to do with the shape, color or material of the tires.

Dogs’ sensitive noses notice odors infiltrating the tires . Because the tires touch all kinds of objects on the roads, they blend their smells. The rubber that passes over things such as animal feces, garbage, food during the trip turns into a perfect urine release area for dogs.

Moreover, once a dog pees on the tires, it becomes a cycle and other dogs start to visit that tire. In addition, because there are no longer enough trees in the cities, dogs inevitably turned to tires over time.

So what can you do to prevent your car tires from smelling like dog urine?

You can get a case like in the picture. If you don’t want to deal with it, you can pour some lemon juice or vinegar on the tires. In addition, you should wash the wheel regularly so that the dirt accumulated on the roads does not collect residues and odors in the tire. You should not underestimate the parvovirus , which is not necessarily transmitted by infected dog feces , it can lead to fatal results.

Your pet dog will also perform this behavior. It will be more beneficial for you and your dog if you train him instead of punishing him for not doing this. Also make sure your pet dog is fully vaccinated, it could be exposed to the danger of parvovirus.

Only male dogs exhibit this behavior most of the time.

asian stray dog saying good bye through putting his odor mark on our car in northern Thailand

They urinate especially high by raising their legs because they know they need to come up to the nose level of another dog .

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