Scientists from NASA recorded the sound of a black hole. It has been stated that scientists have been struggling for years for the audio recording shared on YouTube.

Whether nature also has a language to communicate within itself has been a question for scientists for a long time. Previously, researchers have obtained some information that fish, like us, often use sounds to communicate ; It turned out that mushrooms also have a language of their own for speaking . 

Now, scientists from NASA have managed to record the very frightening sounds of black holes . The sounds made by the black hole in the Perseus Galaxy Cluster, heard in the audio recording shared on NASA’s official YouTube page and astronomers have been working on since 2003, once again revealed that  nature and the universe are at least as ‘alive’ as we humans.

After years of work, the team made the sound from the black hole so that people can hear it.

In the shared audio recording, ultrasonic sound waves, or ‘sonifcation’, were used to convert the pressure waves sent by the black hole into a note. In a statement on the subject, NASA stated that the common misconception that there is no sound in space is valid only for space , which does not provide a suitable environment for sound waves to pass through. On the other hand, the fact that there is gas surrounding hundreds or even thousands of galaxies within a galaxy cluster means that this environment is suitable for sound to exist . 

Of course, reaching the sounds made by objects in space; It is much more difficult than perceiving the sounds made by living things in the world environment. To record the sound of the black hole, the Chandra X-Ray Observatory has also struggled  for years to create just this 34-second clip .

Researchers who observed the black hole between 1999 and 2009, then reshaped the sound waves they obtained from it in a way that people could hear . Scaling the sounds at 57 and 58 octaves above their true pitch, the team spent  more than 416 hours in total observation time to achieve this feat .

Here is the fascinating sound of black holes, one of the most mysterious objects in the universe.

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