The first gameplay video from Valorant Mobile, which Riot Games announced last year, has leaked. The shared images gave clues about what the mobile version of the popular FPS game Valorant will offer to the players.

Developed and published by Riot Games, multiplayer FPS Valorant continues to increase its popularity worldwide. In the past weeks, we shared with you that the long-awaited Turkish Agent Fade was introduced . It was also on the agenda in our country that it was claimed that a hand sign made by this character was removed .

In addition, the US-based game giant Riot Games made a statement last year that increased the excitement of the fans of the game. The giant company stated in these statements that the mobile version of Valorant will be released. Now, there has been an important development about the game called ‘Valorant Mobile’.

First gameplay video from Valorant Mobile

According to the news, the gameplay video from Valorant Mobile , which is eagerly awaited, has been leaked . This video, which spread rapidly on the internet, allowed us to make our first impressions of the game, how it works on mobile devices and what features it has from the PC version. Many users who viewed the video also stated that they thought the mobile version would be successful.

In the statements, it was stated that this leak, which includes 13 minutes of gameplay footage, belongs to the game tests in China . In the video shared by a YouTuber, it is seen that Valorant Mobile is played with the agent named Phoenix, how the graphics are and how the game is adapted to mobile. However, this is a test; so let’s not go without saying that the game may change in the future.

Information about the game that Riot Games announced last year is almost non-existent at the moment. However, this video shows that Valorant Mobile can give gamers a good experience. In addition, many people call Riot Games, stating that they want the game to come to consoles after the mobile version .

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