A Finnish study found that people who have insomnia in their middle age are more likely to experience cognitive impairments such as dementia and Alzheimer’s when they get older. Overcoming insomnia in middle age determines how we age.

We all know how important a healthy sleep is for human health. When we sleep less than we should or our sleep quality is low, our health can deteriorate in every sense . So how many years does insomnia begin to affect the human body? A new study has revealed very striking results regarding insomnia .

A group of scientists from the University of Helsinki serving in Finland  conducted a comprehensive study with 3,748 participants,  which lasted for 15-17 years. At the beginning of this study, all participants were middle-aged. By the end of the study, almost everyone was of retirement age. Scientists have studied people’s mental health as part of this research that has lasted for years .

Brains of those with insomnia are more at risk

As people age, their brain activities deteriorate. This is something that has been known for years already. However, research in Finland revealed that people who had insomnia in their middle age were more likely to have brain deterioration. Moreover, such people were more likely to encounter problems such as blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and depression,  along with cognitive impairments such as dementia or Alzheimer ‘s.

In the article, which includes the results of the research, important information is given. According to scientists, if there is a sleep problem in their middle age, this problem needs to be overcome . According to experts, the problem of insomnia, which is overcome, can be a barrier against diseases that may occur in the coming years . So what should an individual with insomnia do?

According to scientists in Finland, there are countless ways to improve sleep quality. Some of those; sleeping regularly, making the sleeping environment suitable , regulating eating and drinking habits, consuming foods such as coffee, which disrupts sleep balance, at reasonable levels. The research has revealed that even such simple practices are decisive in how we age.

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