This strange-sounding thought must have crossed your mind. So, what would happen if people eat the food that cats and dogs eat with pleasure?

If you have such a curiosity, reading the contents of the food package may give some idea. When you look at the ingredients, you will see that there are materials such as meat, animal fats, corn gluten, dried sugar beet, vegetables, wheat, rice, phosphorus, salt, brewer’s yeast, liver flavor, iodine . I mean, it’s what you eat. Moreover, it also contains mineral and vitamin supplements.

When you say it like that, don’t think it sounds good, because the meat used in food consists of pieces that are separated because they are not suitable for human consumption. eg; chicken leg, eye, bones etc. So even after learning this, do you still think about eating?

Eating these parts that people don’t normally eat should not cause a problem in the short term. So these guests, fortunately, did not experience any serious discomfort.

So you can taste the food, if your stomach can handle it. But if you continue to do this regularly, you start to play with your health. Even the meat produced for humans is not healthy enough, and if you eat their waste, your digestive system, which is not used to these foods, will not like it. If you have an allergic body, the situation will be even more disturbing.

Food produced for humans undergoes a good quality control phase, but food produced for animals is not so regulated. Therefore , it is difficult for bacteria such as salmonella and typhoid to reach humans. Food also carries risks in this regard.

Cats and dogs, like us, are fed with protein, carbohydrates and fat, but the ratios that people should take are different.

For example; cats are carnivores, humans are omnivores. Therefore, the amount of protein that cats need to take is more. If you consume a cat food, you will be playing with the balance of the macronutrients you need to take , and this will cause you to have an unhealthy diet.

The quality of the food varies according to the brands. You should n’t even give your cat or dog a food that hasn’t been heard of, let alone eat it yourself . You are laying the groundwork for deadly diseases.

In addition, since the amount of animal vitamin A is high in foods , it can cause serious complications if consumed regularly by a person. Especially pregnant women taking too much vitamin A can create various problems.

In summary; If you taste it, nothing will happen, but if you eat it all the time, you risk your health. In case you have to live in a post-apocalyptic world and find nothing but cat-dog food, you can eat it with pleasure.

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