Video streaming giant YouTube has announced the ability for users to see the most replayed part of a video and jump to it! Here are the details..

Video sharing platform YouTube has started testing a practical feature for its users. Thanks to the innovation, YouTubers will see the most replayed part of a video post and quickly jump there. So, what are the details of the feature and how will it be? Let’s take a look at the details of the news together.

YouTube will add the most repeated chart!

With the new feature, YouTube will graphically show which parts of a video post are most repeated. In this way, users will have a quick transition to the most repeated part of the video. If the video has a high graphic, that part will be the most played place.

Google has been testing this feature of YouTube for a long time. The innovation has started to be used for desktop and mobile users as of today.

The social media platform also talked about a new full-screen mode that will better display video information and be useful for trading.

In addition, the company announced another important feature for content creators today. With its feature called Referrals, YouTube will allow two creators to shop over a single live stream. This function will attract attention as it will gather the followers of both accounts. Thanks to the shopping made by people, content creators will also earn income from here.

What do you, our readers, think about this issue? Will the feature that allows you to jump to the frequently replayed part of YouTube in the video work for you? You can express your thoughts in the Comments section.

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