One of the acts that make the celebrations celebratory is undoubtedly toasting. If you think that toasting is a behavior unique to this century, you are very wrong! The story of toasting the goblet, which dates back to ancient times and is based on a sense of trust, is in our article with all its details.

If there is a glass in the environment, that glass will definitely rise. It is known that the act of toasting, which is an indispensable part of the celebrations , is a tradition dating back to ancient times.

Drinking glasses is not a behavior that we can call a habit of the last century. We examine the details of this tradition, which has its roots in ancient times and has a sense of trust at its core.

European kings’ greed for power lays the groundwork for toast

We can say that the European kings brought the glass-clinking to the closest it is known today. We can more or less guess what struggles the king candidates will fight in order to seize the throne and the kings to stay on the throne for many years, succumbing to the greed that blinds their eyes. Poisoning is one of the leading things done to rivals with the desire to stay in power .

Moreover, we know that this behavior is a method used by high-ranking people as well as kings when it comes to defeating their opponents. As you know, one of the easiest ways to poison is to add poison to food or drinks. This is where toasting comes into play.

Tossing a glass becomes a matter of trust

When it comes to mutual drinking, to understand whether there is poison in the drink; It is a real necessity at that time. The person serving the drink asks the person being served to drop a few drops into his glass . If the other party is full of confidence in the offer of a drink, he clinks his glass with the other glass and shows that there is no need for this, and that he trusts the treat and therefore the person giving the treat. Especially in kings, it is also used as a  show of strength to reject the request of the other party to drip a drink and to fend off by clinking the glass .

Are glasses clinked with confidence today?

We learned that in ancient times, both kings and high-ranking people toasted on the basis of trust. So, is the feeling of trust still at the root of toasting today? If we go through Turkish, glasses are raised in Turkish. On the other hand, since there are no intrigues similar to the poisonous intrigues of ancient times; No one’s motivation is to take a test of confidence, either. However, considering that we prefer to share and celebrate our happiness with people we love and trust, it can be said that we act with a sense of trust!

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