A different variant of the Monkeypox virus, which first appeared in 1980, has recently started to be found in many European countries. So, “Is a new epidemic coming?” What do we know about the disease that makes you say? Let’s see together.

While the effects of COVID-19 and its variants have just begun to lose their effect all over the world, another virus has started to show itself. The virus called ‘Monkey Pox’ virus (Monkeypox), which is common in Africa, has recently started to appear in Portugal. 

The virus first appeared in young men in a form similar to chickenpox. But the virus called ‘Monkeypox’ is not as innocent as chickenpox, which has almost no lethal effects when we get the vaccine. So what is this virus, what are its effects and where has it been seen so far? Let’s see together. 

What is the Monkeypox virus? 

The virus, known as Monkeypox, first appeared in 1980. However, the virus that emerged at that time was a variant that was mildly circumcised and highly contagious, just like chickenpox. You know that there are many types of viruses in the world that cause many diseases. Monkeypox, a member of the Orthopoxvirus genus in the Poxviridae family, is also a type of virus.  

Two different types of the virus, which has two different genetics, have been found in Central and West Africa so far. Moreover, it has been reported that this virus seen in Africa has lethal effects. However, the effects of the virus were not limited to Central and West Africa. Cases began to be seen in many countries in Europe.  

In which countries has the monkeypox virus been seen so far?

Monkeypox virus has become quite common for some time in Africa, where many diseases are seen. However, in a short time, cases began to be encountered in Portugal and other European countries. The first case detection outside of Africa came from Portugal. Just after the 15 cases seen in Portugal, 7 cases were found in England last Monday .  

Another country with similar news was Spain, and authorities reported that they suspected 8 people were carrying the monkeypox virus . Similar news comes from many countries in Europe and the number of cases continues to increase. After Portugal, England and Spain, the first case came from the USA. Due to the lethal effects of the virus, the increase in the number of cases is taken very seriously.

So what are the first symptoms of the virus?  

The first symptoms seen in cases of monkeypox virus are:  headache , fever, muscle pain, back pain, chills, tiredness and swollen lymph nodes. Although the initial effects of the virus are quite similar to COVID-19, the biggest effect of monkeypox is the swellings that can be seen on the body. However, these swellings vary from person to person and may not appear immediately.  

The effects of the virus begin to show its effects in the body between 5 and 21 days. The World Health Organization says other symptoms help distinguish the virus from smallpox.  

Is monkeypox virus contagious? 

Monkeypox virus, unfortunately, is a highly contagious disease. There is no definite information about exactly where and to whom the virus is transmitted. However, most of the cases seen in Europe and Africa are young males. It is said that the virus can be transmitted from rodents, wild animals such as primates, and human-to-human . 

However, it is thought that it can be transmitted through body fluids, respiratory tract or the use of shared objects . In the same way, it is said that it can be seen in the babies of pregnant women and therefore poses a great risk. The virus, which can have an increased mortality rate of up to 11 percent , can cause much more dangerous consequences, especially in young children.

If you start to see the above-mentioned symptoms in yourself, do not neglect to apply to the nearest health institution and consult a doctor about the issue. We hope that we do not see the monkeypox virus turn into a global epidemic.

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