A remarkable study on sleep was conducted with the participation of approximately 500 thousand people. This research revealed that the optimal sleep duration for adult humans is 7 hours. People who sleep 7 hours a day are healthier both in terms of mental health and in terms of brain functions.

A group of scientists working at Fudan University and Cambridge University, serving in China, conducted a comprehensive research on sleep, one of the most important elements of life. Within the scope of the research carried out with the participation of 498,277 people aged 38-73 in the United Kingdom , it was concluded that the optimal sleep duration of a person is around 7 hours . Sleeping less than 7 hours or sleeping too much affects human health negatively.

Within the scope of the research, a mental health questionnaire was applied to 157,000 people. In addition, 48,500 participants were monitored during sleep. Combining all the data they obtained, the scientists identified a “U”-shaped link between sleep duration and health. 7 hours of sleep had always coincided with the optimal spot in this letter U. However, experts state that this research is observational and it is not correct to  use a clear statement that sleeping less or more than 7 hours will definitely cause health problems .

Brain structure and genetic structure are also effective in ideal sleep time.

According to scientists, sleep duration is very important for a person to be healthy both physically and mentally. However, individuals ‘ brain and genetic structures are also important. Scientists state that the optimal sleep duration may vary for each person, and this research represents a general average . So, what kind of problems are experienced in the body as the sleep time falls below 7 hours and goes above it?

In the table above, you can see the connection between sleep duration and cognitive functions, namely the functions of your brain. For example, numerical memory shows maximum performance in 7 hours of sleep . Similarly, your problem-solving ability is at its best during 7-hour sleep periods. On the other hand; The reaction time of the brain is also low in 7 hours of sleep. 

In the table above, we see the relationship between sleep duration and mental health . Anxiety symptoms are minimal after 7 hours of sleep. The sleep time when you are at the highest level of calmness is also 7 hours. As you see; 7 hours of sleep always coincides with the most productive point of the U relationship.

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