A new study has been conducted on the effect of COVID-19 disease on the brain. Research with people who survived the disease showed that COVID-19 caused a loss of 10 IQ points. This situation is equivalent to a 50-year-old individual suddenly turning 70 years old…

“We are saved!” A remarkable study was conducted about the COVID-19 disease, which we started to call it  . Neuroscientist David Menon and his team, who continue their work at Cambridge University, have detected another terrible effect of COVID-19. According to the research, the brains of people who had severe COVID-19 aged by 20 years . Experts say this is equivalent to losing 10 IQ points.

Examining the data of 46 patients who went to a hospital in Cambridge between March 2020-July 2020, scientists examined the health of these 46 people who had severe disease 6 months later. Comparing the findings from the patients with 460 COVID-19 patients, the research team reached a striking result. Those who survived the disease all had worse outcomes for problems such as memory, attention, reasoning, anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Along with all this, the brains of the 46 patients in question were working as if they had suddenly turned from 50 to 70 years old .

While the results are frightening, there is good news.

Wanting to better interpret the results, the research team also examined some of the individuals in the study 10 months after they contracted the disease . As a result of the examinations, it was determined that there were improvement indicators in these patients. However, this healing process was rather slow. Experts state that according to the available data, it is not possible for some people to fully recover.

Although the research is remarkable, it has an important shortcoming. So much so that why and how COVID-19 affects brain health is not yet understood. However, there are some theses on this subject as well. Researchers think symptoms are the main reason why the coronavirus affects the human brain like this . In other words, the virus entering the body does not directly affect the brain. Effects such as wearing out of the lungs, reducing the amount of oxygen in the blood, microscopic hemorrhages and clotting of the vessels may have caused people to age by 20 years. New research will reveal whether such theses are true…

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