Netflix announced that it has parted ways with 150 employees due to financial problems. In the statements made about the dismissals, it was stated that there was no problem in the individual performance of the employees, and that the financial problems of the company caused such a thing.

Netflix , the world’s most popular online series and movie platform , has not been going through a good process lately. So much so that in a news we shared with you about a moment ago, we mentioned that the company lost subscribers for the first time in 10 years . This situation was directly reflected in the shares of the company. In addition, the company was in financial trouble and had to cancel many of its projects . Recent developments reveal that the waters will not settle on Netflix.

According to the latest information from the Netflix front, the roads are separated with 150 employees . In the statements made by Netflix, it was stated that a significant portion of the dismissed people consisted of employees in the USA. In the statements made by Netflix spokesperson Erika Masonhall, the reasons for the dismissal were also mentioned. Let’s take a closer look at those statements.

Employees laid off due to financial problems

Erika Masonhall stated that the layoffs are not related to the individuals of the employees, which makes things more difficult . According to a Netflix spokesperson, the main reason for the layoffs is the company’s financial problems . Saying goodbye to his former employees, ” We are grateful to Netflix for their contributions, ” Masonhall did not say anything about the company’s future plans.

The economic crisis at Netflix is ​​so deep

*Netflix stock daily price chart. Source: Tradingview

Netflix shares were trading above $600 on the first trading day of 2022 . But nowadays this is very different. So much so that Netflix shares are trading at $190 as of the writing of this article . Of course, the conditions in the world lead investors to safe havens, but the loss of value in Netflix is ​​not to be ignored. We will see together how the end of the company will be…

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