The most preferred internet browsers were explained. Although there is no competitor in the market to shake the throne of Google Chrome, there is a remarkable competition at the top of the list. So much so that Microsoft Edge has surpassed Apple Safari.

Market research company StatCounter has researched which are the most preferred internet browsers in the world. According to the results of the research, Chrome , which was released by Google, was the most used internet browser in the world in April 2022, as it has been for years. So much so that 66.58 percent of users prefer Google Chrome. But there are some points in the research that are much more important than Google Chrome’s lead.

According to research, Chromium-based Microsoft Edge has become the second most popular internet browser in the world in 2022. 10.07 percent of users prefer to use Microsoft Edge as of April 2022. This rate was recorded as  7.96 percent in April 2021 .

Safari quickly lost to Microsoft Edge

In April 2021, the second most popular internet browser in the world was Safari , released by Apple . Last year, 10 percent of users were using Safari. In 2022, this situation has changed. Safari’s usage rate dropped to 9.62 percent . We will understand better whether Firefox’s recent breakthroughs will threaten Safari, but for now, Edge seems to have snatched Safari’s turn.

When we look at the other details in the StatCounter research, we see that the usage rate of Firefox is 7.87 percent. Opera, on the other hand , does not threaten the top of the list with a usage rate of 2.44% . The total usage rate of other internet browsers on the market is  3.42 percent .

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