Technology giant, the leader of silicon valley Microsoft, has published the designs of its new devices that will open an era in accessibility. These new devices are mice, but they are not ordinary mice. The new mice are especially designed for people with disabilities to easily use a computer, phone, tablet or console. Let’s take a look.

Microsoft is the undisputed leader of the PC industry. Although we know that it offers us great operating systems, Microsoft’s accessibility products are also quite a lot. So like keyboards and mice .

Microsoft has released a new accessibility device designed for people with disabilities in an article published on its website . You will be really surprised to see these mice specially designed for people with disabilities .

Mice designed for people with any hand or arm disability

The new mice are part of Microsoft’s new line of Adaptive Accessories that aims to provide an easier mouse and keyboard experience on a PC or phone for people with disabilities. The whole kit consists of three main components: a mouse , a button with programmable pressure sensors underneath, and a hub that connects them all .

The hub will also be able to connect the mouse, keyboard, and other assistive devices you may have, whether made by Microsoft or not ( via Bluetooth or wirelessly through the hub’s many ports) . All these devices will be available later this year at an as yet undisclosed price.

Although the accessories are small, it’s nice that Microsoft has ensured accessibility not by creating one great design, but by designing several models for easy user customization. What are you thinking? Please do not forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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