Germany-based camera manufacturer Leica has signed a partnership with Xiaomi by cutting off its relationship with Huawei, which it has been a partner of for years. Xiaomi has also made an exciting announcement for the coming July.

The smartphone world was shaken by a very critical news today. Leica , which has been in the camera section of smartphones with Huawei for years , announced that it has established a long-term partnership with Xiaomi . The new partnership of Leica’s biggest partner with its rival has questioned the future of the partnership between Huawei and Leica.

Shortly after the announcement of the partnership, this curiosity came to an end. A Huawei official told Android Authority that the partnership between Huawei and Leica has ended . Moreover, according to the statement shared by the official, this giant partnership ended on March 31 , more than a month ago .

Huawei was on the list of the best, along with Leica:

Huawei and Leica started working with the P9 series and Mate 9 series in 2016. Both companies have tried to improve the cameras of the phones as part of the partnership, focusing on higher quality photos. With the partnership, Huawei was on the best smartphone camera lists , even despite the US trade ban with China .

Huawei includes many models in the all-time list of DxOMark , which provides the most prestigious rating for smartphone cameras . At the beginning of these models is the Huawei P50 Pro, which was released last year. The P50 Pro is in the second place in the global ranking, followed by the Mate 40 Pro+ in the 4th place and the Mate 40 Pro in the 7th place.

Xiaomi is preparing to go to the top on the camera:

Xiaomi, which is on the list of the best in smartphone cameras, plans to do great things with the Leica partnership. In fact, according to many people in the industry, the camera performance of the Xiaomi 12 Ultra will be the model that a smartphone comes closest to the quality of DSLR cameras.

The first fruit of the Xiaomi and Leica partnership was shared with the announcement made today. Xiaomi shared in its Leica partnership announcement that it will show off its ‘ imaging flagship ‘ phone this July . Let’s see how Xiaomi will take a place in the smartphone industry with the partnership of Leica..

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