We have explained in the simplest way what you need to do to establish a wireless connection between the computer screen and the smart TV.

You want to watch a movie you love again, or a new episode of the foreign TV series you’ve been following has come out and you’re stuck with a tiny laptop or desktop computer screen. Don’t worry, if you have a smart TV, you can easily connect your computer screen to your smart TV. With the convenience of wireless connection without dealing with unnecessary cables such as HDMI…

The first and foremost thing required to establish a connection between the computer screen and the television is the Wi-Fi connection. Because this is how the devices will be connected to each other. The laptop already has a built-in Wi-Fi adapter. If the computer you want to connect is a desktop, make sure it also has a Wi-Fi adapter or card. 

If the computer is ok, let’s come to the television… If you are using one of the Wi-Fi connected smart televisions that have dominated the market in recent years,  you can easily establish a connection between the computer screen and the television. If you ask why we should connect a computer screen to a television with internet connection ; Internet browsers of smart televisions generally do not work very well. Also, there are always things that you can do on a computer that you can’t do on a TV, no matter how smart it is. 

Adding a device to Windows 10 for PC screen connection:

Computers running the Windows 10 operating system have a built-in computer screen mirroring feature of the system. To use this feature, you must define the device you want to connect to your computer. Make sure that the  TV you will connect to is turned on and connected to the same Wi-Fi network as you.

  • Open Windows settings on your computer,
  • From here , open the Devices section.
  • In the Devices section, you can view the devices you have added before, if any.
  • You will add new, click on “ Add Bluetooth or other device ”.
  • Click on the “ Wireless display or dock ” option from the options that appear .
  • Your computer will scan all surrounding devices.
  • Once you find your own TV, select it and complete the connection.

Computer screen mirroring settings:

In order to establish a wireless connection between the computer screen and the television, there are a few more settings you need to make after adding a device, then you can easily mirror your computer screen to your television wirelessly. 

  • Open Windows settings on your computer.
  • From here , open the System section.
  • Open the “ Show on this computer ” section among the options you will see from the bottom left of the screen .
  • If you are mirroring from different devices very often, choose the first option as “ Used everywhere ”.
  • From the second option you can specify the permission status for mirroring.
  • In the third option, choose whether to use a pin or password when pairing between devices for mirroring .
  • If you wish, you can change your computer’s display name for matches here.

Mirroring the computer screen to the TV:

You have added the television to the Windows devices, made all the necessary settings, and now it’s time for the expected moment. What you’ve done so far might be a bit tiring, but don’t worry, it will all be worth it because mirroring is extremely easy.

  • You can open the mirroring screen and options by pressing the “ Win ​​+ P ” combination.
  • You can open the Windows Action Center and click on the “ Mirror ” option to open the mirroring screen and options .
  • When you open the mirroring screen and options section, first choose what kind of mirroring you want.
  • The first option, “ Computer screen only ”, will not mirror.
  • The second option, “ Repeat ”, will allow you to see the same screen on both the computer screen and the television screen.
  • The third option, “Extend” , will allow you to use two screens simultaneously as a taller monitor . 
  • The fourth and final option, “ Second screen only ”, will dim the computer screen and output the image only to the television. 
  • After choosing the mirroring format, click on the “ Connect to a wireless display ” option that you will see at the bottom.
  • Select your own television from among the connectable devices and click.
  • Some televisions may require confirmation for mirroring. 
  • In a short time, the computer screen will be projected onto the television .

Screen mirroring with a wireless connection between the computer screen and the TV may seem like a difficult and complicated process at first. But when you start the process, if you follow the instructions correctly, you will see how easy and fast it is . If you have any connection problems, check the Wi-Fi connection and follow the steps again.

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