It works with the power it receives from the battery in the smart phones. When it wants to give high performance, its processor draws more electricity from the battery. This causes the devices to heat up. But in general, electrical technological devices give better results in cold environments. Because temperature increase leads to loss of performance.

In fact, Quantum computers, which have the most advanced processing capacity of today, work in an environment colder than -270 degrees. In this way, high electricity consumption does not cause heating or loss of performance. Quite similar principles apply to our smartphones. So how many degrees does it last and how is the phone temperature measured when it gets hot?

How to measure phone temperature?

Our smartphones perform ideally between 25-30 degrees Celsius during daily use. However, when we play games, record video with the camera, transfer data, or when the screen is on for a long time at high brightness, it can reach above ideal temperatures.

Of course, today’s smartphones have some precautions about temperature. Manufacturers take some stringent safety precautions to prevent devices from overheating, which can lead to forced shutdown. In this way, possible malfunctions and accidents that may occur in both the device and the battery are prevented. However, things don’t always go the way we want.

There is no direct and definite answer to the question of how many degrees the phones can last. When computers go up to 70-80 degrees, they can continue to work even if they lose performance. However, this level is between 50-60 degrees on smartphones.

But even if you are doing the most demanding operations on your phone, it should not reach 50 degrees. This is a level well above today’s standards. However, we should consider it normal for a powerful device to heat up a bit. On the other hand, if we want to make sure that the long-term use of the phone is safe, we must make sure that it does not exceed 45 degrees.

So how is phone temperature measured?

  • First, physical control can be achieved. For this, you need to get devices that make electronic temperature measurement.
  • The second method is to use the internal sensors of the devices. Some manufacturers put software inside the phones that can show the temperature of the processor cores. However, even if this service is not offered, you can keep CPU and battery temperatures under control by downloading CPU-Z-like programs from the application market.

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