Apple Starts Selling Affordable ‘Refurbished Smart Watch’: Here’s the Price of Refurbished Apple Watch 7

Finding hope in refurbished iPhone sales, Apple also offered refurbished versions of the Watch Series 7, which it launched in October 2021. The prices of the refurbished Watch Series 7 models, which are only available in some countries, are relatively affordable from scratch.

Watch Series 7 , the smart watch model released by the US-based technology giant Apple in October 2021, reappeared with “renewed” versions, just like mobile phones. As you know, Apple has recently started sales of ‘refurbished iPhone’. Now, Apple Watch 7 has been presented to users as ‘refurbished’. Unfortunately, this system is not available in Turkey, at least for the time being.

Apple’s renewal system is a service that emerged as a result of the decision to change the products taken to the authorized service for any reason. So much so that the company gives new products to the customer by making parts replacements and repairs at official technical services, bringing them to the zero setting and offering them for sale again. Refurbished products are still under Apple warranty. Moreover , these products are highly preferred because the prices are relatively affordable . So, what features do the refurbished Watch Series 7s, which are offered for sale on Apple’s official website, and how are their prices?

Refurbished Watch Series 7 is $70 cheaper than new

When we look at the information on Apple’s website, we see that the renewed Watch Series 7 is guaranteed for one year . Explaining that smart watches have passed all tests successfully, officials say that consumers who give up a renewed smartwatch have the right to return. When we look at these explanations, we can say that the only problem of refurbished smart watches is the one-year warranty. When you bought a brand new product, you were entitled to a two-year warranty. So how are the prices of these smart watches ?

Apple sells the 41mm version of the Watch Series 7 for $399 as new. However, a consumer who wants to buy a refurbished product saves $60 and pays $339 . For the 45mm Watch Series 7, there is a $70 savings. Because the price of the renewed version of the smart watch, which is sold for $ 429 under normal conditions, is $ 359 . 

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