With its newly launched test, Google showed that it is working on a feature that can detect whether people snore at night. It is unknown when the feature in question will be released for all users.

As our smart devices gain new features to monitor our health status comprehensively, the latest news on this issue came from Google. With the new update released this week for Google Health Studies , a health research platform, Google gave an important clue about a feature that may enter our lives in the future.

A feature that is hidden to normal users has been found in the newly updated application. This feature, which can only be used by Google employees and is in the testing phase, allows the analysis of people’s voices while they are sleeping . The feature can also provide information to the user by distinguishing sounds such as snoring and coughing .

It is unknown when the feature will be released:

According to the information provided by Google, the ‘ coughing and snoring algorithms ‘ added to the application will work directly on Android devices, allowing the person to learn about sleep performance. While the feature currently only works on Pixel devices, it is not known when it will be released or whether it will be brought to Google Fit or the company’s smartwatches.

In the continuation of the information about the test, Google stated that the Health Detection team within the company is working on advanced detection and algorithms to provide users with comprehensive information about their sleep. Within the scope of these studies, it was stated that the said sound analysis also provides the necessary data to verify, adjust and improve the algorithms. The company informed that the feature also protects the privacy of the user .

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