Google announced in February that the Google Assistant would be coming to the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. Starting today, Galaxy Watch 4 users will be able to download and use Google Assistant from the Play Store.

Although Apple’s Siri virtual assistant is the best virtual assistant on the market, serious competitors have started to come over the past years. One of them is, of course, Google Assistant . Apple’s Siri was ahead of other virtual assistants by being on every Apple device, but Google Assistant is making a move to rule this out.

Google Assistant announced that it will come to Samsung’s latest smart watch, Galaxy Watch 4 , last February, with images. Now, officially, Google Assistant has come to the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 after users have requested it for a long time .

Galaxy Watch 4 users will be able to use Google Assistant starting today

Galaxy Watch 4 owners have been waiting for the Google Assistant since Samsung launched the Galaxy Watch 4 last year with Samsung’s not-so-popular virtual assistant Bixby, and today it’s officially arrived on the Galaxy Watch 4 .

The design of Google Assistant coming to Galaxy Watch 4 has the same design as Pixel devices. Launching the assistant with the “Hey Google” command opens a full-screen user interface with a black background and four colored light bars that respond to voice input.

The Google Assistant logo appears with the words  ” Hello, how can I help you? ” and the time indicator is curved at the top, a very elegant and simple design.

Google announced that it offers faster response times in the Google Assistant version coming to Galaxy Watch 4. Among the commands you can give, besides the classic commands, there are also actions such as asking what’s next on your calendar, setting a timer and playing music .

Starting today, Galaxy Watch 4 users will be able to download Google Assistant to their device to access faster, more natural voice interactions, quick answers to questions and help on the go . Google Assistant is only available for certain countries for now, and unfortunately Turkey is not among these countries. However, we expect it to make this feature available in our country in the coming days. We will be keeping you informed of the developments on the subject.

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