Player terms have always been difficult for newcomers to the game. Playstation wants to solve this situation with “Gamer Dictionary”.

Everyone loves console and computer games . But what about the terms used in-game? Especially when viewed from the outside, some terms used by the players may seem quite meaningless. For these situations, which are annoying from time to time for beginners, PlayStation , He released the “Player Dictionary” .

In-game terms are no longer obscure!

If you do not have a command of the game world, it is quite normal that you do not understand the conversations of your fellow players . Different terms, situations and characters will be waiting for you in each game. This can be intimidating for newcomers to the game .

Realizing this problem, PlayStation introduced a new dictionary that will teach the jargon for beginners . The company aims to be a solution to the problems of those who are new to the game or those who want to start with the new dictionary.

The dictionary contains more than 100 words , phrases and abbreviations specific to games . The dictionary, which has an alphabetical order, will be useful for beginners as well as people familiar with the game world.

The dictionary, which includes the meanings of terms such as “Hit Box”, “Judder” and “I-Frames” , also clarifies the expressions used in the game such as “gank” and “noob” . In addition , abbreviations such as “GPU”, “K/D” and “OP” used in the game also found their place in this dictionary.

There are many types of games today. These games have some abbreviated names according to their types . These game abbreviations are included in the dictionary of Playstation. From now on, you will be able to learn the differences between “ARPG”, “CRPG” and “JRPG” from this dictionary.

It is very nice that PlayStation makes such an attempt. Although some word and abbreviation explanations are not included in the content of this dictionary, we expect the scope of the dictionary to be expanded in the following stages. Let us remind you that the dictionary is only in English for now.

So what do you think about PlayStation’s new “Gamer Dictionary” ? You can share your views with us in the comments section.

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