In its new blog post, EA announced that tests will begin for cross-platform support in FIFA 22. The tests will only be available in 2 modes in the game, at least initially. Unfortunately, no date has been given for the tests.

Regardless of PlayStation, Xbox or PC, the technology cross-platform, which brings all players together as brothers and sisters (!), continues to spread in online games. Today, at last, there is news that will make FIFA players happy. EA announced in its newly published blog post that cross-platform support will be tested in FIFA 22 .

The article shared by EA provided information about cross-platform testing. Accordingly, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and Google Stadia players will be able to encounter each other thanks to cross-platform support. Tests will be run in Online Seasons and Online Friendship modes only at this time.

Tests will give ideas for next FIFA games

FIFA did not share in the rest of its article whether cross-platform support will come to other game modes if the test is successful in these two game modes. But he gave an even more hopeful detail for the future. Accordingly, if the tests are successful, cross-platform support could be fully featured in future FIFA games .

Games that want to participate in the cross-platform test that will start in FIFA 22 will have a cross-platform setting on the bottom right of the menu, as seen in the image above, in the main menu of the game. Cross platform can be enabled or disabled by clicking the specified button . EA has yet to reveal exactly when testing will begin.

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