Although smartphone technologies are developing a little more every day, the battery performance of our device remains in place. Almost every model of every brand barely makes the day. Moreover, the battery, which wears out over time, makes this situation even more unbearable. But did you know that it was our fault, too, in that attrition? The simple things that most of us do during the day affect the battery health of our phone. Here are those mistakes…

Errors that cause phone battery wear

  • Cheap or damaged charging accessories

The charging cable and adapter, which is a very simple product that many of us ignore, is actually of critical importance. While the adapter will not harm you with a quality and solid cable, cheap or damaged products can be fatal for your phone. Instead, you should use solid and quality products of brands you know.

  • Phone overheating

Smartphones, by their nature, do not have any cooling fans. Therefore, it is normal for it to heat up during heavy use. However, this heat can be harmful to your battery. Especially if you are playing games while your device is charging, you can cause a serious decrease in the battery life over time. Unfortunately, the only solution to this situation is to avoid processes that cause heat as much as possible.

  • Letting your battery drain completely

Charge cycles are what affect a battery’s life the most. The continuous charging and discharging cycle gradually degrades the health of the battery. What makes this worse is that your phone often starts looping at 0 percent. It’s best to keep your phone charged between 20-80 percent as much as possible. Some phones have features to help you do this. However, you still need to be in control.

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